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Hertz MPX 690.3 PRO 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers

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Some things are worth indulging in, and the enjoyment of your daily drive is one of them. Install the Hertz MPX 690.3 PRO 6"x9" car speakers in your vehicle and you'll experience the very best of what Hertz Mille Series has to offer: a passionate approach to premium sound.

Innovative design

Hertz thoughtfully integrates a Tetolon fiber dome tweeter and supertweeter, extending this speaker's frequency range and providing a detailed soundstage. For more impactful lows, each speaker employs a "Boundary Free" rubber surround with its enhanced pressed pulp and cotton fiber woofer to move more air with accuracy. Superior damping is also key to the sound of these speakers — minimized resonance reduces distortion for a truer-to-life sound.

The Hertz philosophy

Hertz believes that a good speaker should reveal the emotional power of the music you love. That's a high bar, but with their commitment to using premium components and boundary-pushing design, they're more than up to challenge. Comprised of music lovers, Hertz is committed to optimizing your car's sound system for total audio enjoyment.

Product highlights:

  • 3-way car speakers (pair)
  • 6"x9" pressed pulp/ cotton fiber woofer with Boundary Free rubber surround
  • 1-1/2" Tetolon dome tweeter and 1" Tetolon supertweeter
  • handles up to 130 watts RMS (260 watts peak power)
  • frequency range: 30-24,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 94 dB
  • top-mount depth: 3-9/16"
  • grilles included
  • manufacturer warranty: 2 years

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