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Stinger 4 Gauge OFC Power Wire - 5ft Increments

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When planning a sound system, wiring is just as important as everything else. Advantages to OFC wire include increased conductivity to carry more current to your amplifier, reduced strain on your vehicle’s electrical system, and improved heat absorption. We stock Stinger wiring products not only for their quality reputation but also because we know our customers want the most out of their sound system. Cheaper CCA wire cannot meet higher amperage systems compared to OFC wire which is why we refuse to carry any wiring that isnt OFC. Stinger SHW14 is a Premium 4 Gauge OFC Power Wire designed to outperform cheaper CCA wire. OFC Wire allows for increased conductivity to carry more power to source reducing strain on electrical system unlike CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum) wire which is more restrictive. Efficient Lighting Supply has your wiring needs covered regardless of application.


  • 4 Gauge ( Awg )
  • Oxygen Free Copper -  For Best Performance
  • High Strand Count - Over 1650 Strands
  • Sold As 5 Ft Increments, Quantity 1 = 5ft , Quantity 2 = 10ft , etc...

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