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Glock Performance Trigger For Glock Gen5 G17 G19 G26 G34 Glock Gen4 G19X G45 G47

नियमित रूप से मूल्य $99.99 USD
नियमित रूप से मूल्य $119.99 USD विक्रय कीमत $99.99 USD
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The GLOCK Performance Trigger GL74332 meets the criteria for those looking for an enhanced trigger pull and ergonomics, all while utilizing a flat-faced trigger and maintaining the same safety features of the GLOCK Safe Action System.

The GLOCK Performance Trigger is now compatible with 9mm Gen4 pistols. A Gen5 slide cover plate now ships with all GLOCK Performance Triggers, as an included replacement for Gen4 models that ensures compatibility and proper function. The GLOCK Performance Trigger will not come installed on any factory models. It is available as an accessory only and must be installed by a certified GLOCK Armorer. GLOCK does not recommend any aftermarket modifications to the GLOCK Performance Trigger.

Trigger Pull Weight: ∼ 5lbs.

Fits: Gen4 and Gen5 models G26, G19, G17, G34 and models G19X, G45, G47


Engineered: Our Glock trigger was designed for a better reset and feel. We have designed our Glock trigger to give you the best trigger pull possible with a stock trigger bar. Our flat-faced design ensures a consistent feel, while our wide chamfers prevent any uncomfortable “digging” into your finger. Regardless of your finger placement, you will enjoy this trigger.
Reliable: Machined out of 7075 aluminum and coating in Type III Hard Anodize. Our trigger does not feature any gimmicks like adjustability or wacky safeties. First and foremost, a trigger needs to work every time. So we have minimized the number of components and eliminated any fasteners that can “walk” their way out—no more checking for loose screws.
Safe: The use of a factory Glock Performance kit means all three factory safeties are intact. Our trigger does not require modifying springs, trigger bars, or connectors. You get the proven Glock system with a more custom feel.
Easy: Installation can be done in only a few minutes. Simply disassemble your Glock, remove the old trigger housing and install this kit.


Restrictions: By purchasing this item from Efficient Lighting Supply LLC, the Customer certifies that the Customer will comply with any and all requirements imposed by applicable U.S. federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and administrative policies.

All NFA Rules Apply

These items are controlled by the U.S. Government and authorized for export only to the country of ultimate destination for use by the ultimate consignee or end-user(s) herein identified. They may not be resold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, to any other country or to any person other than the authorized ultimate consignee or end-user(s), either in their original form or after being incorporated into other items, without first obtaining approval from the U.S. government or as otherwise authorized by U.S. law and regulations.

    शिपिंग और वापसी

    शिपिंग: अधिकांश शिपमेंट के लिए मानक पारगमन समय 1-5 व्यावसायिक दिनों का होता है, एक बार शिप करने के बाद, हम आपके ऑर्डर को वेयरहाउस के स्थान पर निर्भर करते हैं।

    रिटर्न: आइटम बिल्कुल नया होना चाहिए कभी भी संचालित या चालू या माउंटेड स्थिति में नहीं होना चाहिए। कोई घटक गायब नहीं है (यानी मूल पैकेजिंग, स्क्रू, बास नॉब्स, प्लास्टिक कवरिंग, सुरक्षात्मक फिल्में, सीरियल नंबर, टैग, स्टिकर, और अन्य निर्माता लेबल हटाए गए या छेड़छाड़ किए गए आदि) इनमें से किसी भी आवश्यकता को पूरा करने में विफलता के परिणामस्वरूप वापसी से इनकार किया जाएगा धनवापसी। किसी भी कारण से लौटाए गए किसी भी उत्पाद को उसके मूल और क्रमांक मिलान बॉक्स में वापस किया जाना चाहिए। शिपिंग और हैंडलिंग शुल्क गैर-वापसी योग्य हैं। सभी रिफंड की गणना यूनिट लागत के आधार पर की जाएगी। "मुफ़्त शिपिंग" के साथ खरीदे गए उत्पादों की UPS या USPS दर उनकी धनवापसी से काट ली जाएगी।