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Choosing LED Lamps/ Bulbs

The use of high brightness LED in acrylic channel letter and architectural illumination is increasing daily ; red LED is gradually occupying a higher position in acrylic luminous advertisement signs, meanwhile LEDs with diverse colors are improving their brightness and power in a large extent, thus LED illumination is predicted to gain more market share and develop much faster in future application of acrylic luminous signs and advertisement billboards.

Currently, the producing cost of LED is reduced gradually and the demand for it is increasing. Instead of just focusing in replacing incandescence lamps and neon lights, industry makers are trying to design more reasonable LEDs, aiming to attract more customers in different fields. As competition in LED market is fierce, good and bad LEDs are intermingled. When choosing LED lamps, consumers should be patient and analytical, trying to pick out LED lamps with best performance to price ratio. The following guide is discussing the basic performances of LED, instructing customers to select better LED lamps.

1. LED with better antistatic performance is better

Although the price of LED with better antistatic performance is higher, its life-span is longer too. Only this kind of LED can be used as LED lamps.

LED with consistent wavelength is better

Only industry makers that are equipped with spectrometers and color separating machines can produce LEDs with pure color and consistent wavelength. The price of this kind of LED is higher.

LEDs with different brightness

The prices of LEDs with diverse brightness are different. LEDs that used to make LED lamps should be accord with Laser Class I Criterion.

4. LED with small electricity leakage is better

LED is an illuminant of unilateral conductivity. Electricity leakage occurs when the circuit has countercurrent. The price of LED with large electricity leakage is low, but the life-span is short.

5. The size of LED chips

The size of LED chips is measured according to its side length. The quality of large size LED chips is better than small size chips, thus the price is higher.

6. LEDs with different lighting angle

LEDs with different usages illuminate in different angles. Such as: full diffusion angle LED that has a very special lighting angle. Its price is comparatively high.

7. LED chips with different prices

The illuminant of LED is its chip. The prices of different chips vary in a large extent. Generally, chips made by Japan and American are more expensive, those made in Taiwan are comparatively lower.

8. The life span of LED

The life span of LED depends on its lumen maintenance. LED with lower lumen maintenance has longer lifespan but higher price.

9. Colloid that has anti-ultraviolet radiation and fireproofing functions is better

Common LED uses epoxy resin as colloid. If anti-ultraviolet radiation and fireproofing functions are added to the colloid, then the LED’s price is higher. Generally, high quality outdoor LED lamps all bear these two functions.

Except for the nine points discussed above, customers should also know that every kind of LED lamps has its distinct design to make it fit for specific application environment. Choosing a proper LED lamp is the most important principle. Besides, healthy safety, electric safety, environmental safety, fireproofing safety, mechanism safety and safety time limit and so on problems should come into considerations. Consumers should be cautious as misfeasors is in LED lamp market would cheat the vendors to get manufacturing materials and produce unqualified products, selling at lower prices to get illegal profit, meanwhile, a handful of LED lamp manufacturers would cheat on dealers and users and shirk their responsibility when problems come out.


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